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There's So Much To Learn

Mushrooms really are phenomenal. We've shared the planet with them for eons and yet we know so little about them. It's estimated there are 1.5 to 5.1 million species on the planet. So far, we've identified less than 5%. Of those, there are about 30,000 that are recognized as edible or functional. About 200 of those are considered prime edibles. Less than 100 are used frequently by us. Only two dozen are commonly cultivated. 

And just seven species are grown on a mass scale.

We’ll admit, we continue to learn something new about fungi on a daily basis. This page is designed to be a resource, including links to research, experts in the field and other resources about all things fungi. Check back frequently to see what's new.

Podcast Interview:

We were guests of Drew Franks on his podcast "A Taboo Life". You can listen to the episode here.

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Scientific Research:

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Save the Bees!

Paul Stamets, world-renowned mycologist, continues to find solutions through fungi. Check out this short video produced by Louie Schwartzberg and Biographic about work being done by Washington State University and Paul Stamets to save the honey bee using fungal extracts.


For more from Paul Stamets, watch his inspiring TED Talk, "Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World."