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So you know that mushrooms are great to eat. And if you’ve been following our blog, you know they provide incredible health benefits like lowering cholesterol, supporting brain function and increasing endurance. You’ve also learned that they can be used to create sustainable packaging material and even lampshades. What if I told you mushrooms are a vital part of our global ecosystem? Without mushrooms, we wouldn’t be able to live on the planet. Trees would never decay. They would simply litter the landscape, piling up wherever they fell. Mushrooms, mycelium specifically, are the only things that can break down lignin, the substance...

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Remember high school? Whether you were popular, a good student or a jock, there was probably at least one nerdy kid that everyone overlooked. He was likely smart, always with his nose in a book. He never talked in class, unless the teacher called on him, and you could usually find him in the library. In the movies, this would be the guy (or girl) who shows up at the 20-year high school reunion fabulously wealthy because of his amazing invention or the tech startup he sold for billions. In the natural world, mushrooms are that guy. Think about it....

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