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Remember high school? Whether you were popular, a good student or a jock, there was probably at least one nerdy kid that everyone overlooked. He was likely smart, always with his nose in a book. He never talked in class, unless the teacher called on him, and you could usually find him in the library. In the movies, this would be the guy (or girl) who shows up at the 20-year high school reunion fabulously wealthy because of his amazing invention or the tech startup he sold for billions. In the natural world, mushrooms are that guy. Think about it....

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We’ve talked before about the supportive aspect of Cordyceps and how the tiny fungus is used by athletes around the world. It’s true, Cordyceps seems to increase stamina and have a positive effect on performance. Did you know, mushrooms can do more than fuel your workout? They can aid in your exercise recovery. Consider Lion’s Mane, or Hericium erinaceus. This shaggy fungus that grows in clumps or pom poms has been found to support neurological systems. It improves concentration, focus, and overall cognitive function. These are attributes everyone can benefit from In the case of weight lifting, it can support...

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Saturday we participated in our first live event. We were vendors at the 2nd annual WNC Fermenting Festival in Western North Carolina. I know what you’re thinking. What was a mushroom company doing at a festival celebrating all things fermented? We pondered that very question from our booth between a kombucha crafter and an artisanal gluten-free sourdough bread maker. One of these things is not like the other. But if you look a little closer, dig a little deeper, you’ll find that we had a legitimate reason to be there. Remember, fermented foods are great for a healthy gut. They...

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