I Believe

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I Believe

Until recently, I took my health for granted. I reached middle age with no serious health issues. Sure, I had my tonsils removed when I was six. But other than a few rounds with the flu, a cold here and there and a couple of other minor issues, I’ve been healthy all my life.

That changed a month ago. I woke early one morning with what I thought was a bad stomach bug. The problem was, it didn’t go away. I had serious nausea, discomfort and a fever. After a few days, I bit the bullet and went to the doctor. The diagnosis - my gallbladder was failing me. An ultrasound later and I was on my way to see a surgeon. He didn’t mince words and told me my gallbladder had to come out.

My partner David, founder of Phenomenal Fungi, was there every step of the way. He was with me the morning of the surgery, listening carefully to each of the medical staff as they talked about the procedure and what to expect afterwards. Finally, two anesthesiology technicians came in for my final prep. They asked me the same list of questions I’d already answered three times, including if I took any prescription medication. I answered no, I was not on any medication. Once again, the response to my answer was surprise. I realized what an anomaly it was to not be on any prescription medication in this day and age.

As it usually does with David, the conversation somehow turned to mushrooms. The two women asked about his favorite mushrooms and how best to prepare them. As he often does, he shared the importance of cooking mushrooms to get their full health benefits. Both women were surprised that unlike vegetables, mushrooms are more beneficial when they’re cooked. He shared that in addition to eating mushrooms, he makes tinctures so we can get their maximum health benefits. He told them that my mother had even started taking the tinctures a few months ago and had already seen a beneficial decrease in her cholesterol. One of the women turned to me with wide eyes and asked, “Do you think that’s why you’re so healthy?”

I answered emphatically, yes! I believe the mushroom tinctures are responsible for my good health.

I hadn’t really thought about it much until then, but it makes sense. David started making tinctures for our personal use several years ago. I took them haphazardly at first. I thought it wouldn’t hurt, but I wasn’t sure if they’d really make that much difference. Looking back, I’m sure they did help. My cholesterol numbers are good and my blood pressure is healthy, despite family history for both. My parents are both on cholesterol lowering medication and my mother has elevated blood pressure. While I try to eat healthy now, I haven’t always. And yet, my health has been good. I believe mushrooms are the answer.

I'm excited that scientists in the US are beginning to study the functional properties of mushrooms. Other cultures have known for centuries that fungi provide a wide array of health benefits. Currently, Lion's Mane is getting a lot of attention for its ability to support our neurological systems and brain functions. I upped my daily intake of Lion's Mane after my surgery hoping it would reduce the impact of anesthesia. I think it is helping as I've noticed a decrease in the "brain fog" I experienced the first few days after surgery.

Today, I am very grateful for my good health. I’m also grateful for an amazing surgeon and other medical providers who made this experience as easy as it could be. I’m grateful for the questions that helped me realize how fortunate I am to not require prescription medication. I’m very grateful to David for his support and care and for introducing me to the world of fungi. I’m also grateful for his carefully crafted tinctures. And I am especially grateful for the mushrooms and the amazing health benefits they provide. They really are phenomenal!


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